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Career Coaching Services

Offering Career and Life Coaching for Successful Transitions

I offer programs for both individuals and organizations to fully engage talent, align with core values and enjoy greater success and fulfillment in the process.

Now also offering coaching to cancer survivors to live fearlessly, with purpose, passion and presence. For more information, go to www.yourflourishinglife.com 


Through my signature 3-A process, we work together to 

  • Assess where you are and where you want to go (e.g., Values prioritization, Wheel of Life, Career Wheel, Energy Leadership Index, Hogan Insights Series, MAPP Assessment)
  • Align your goals with your greatest desires and values (What do you want to change, develop, add to your skills and ways you show up? How do these desires support your core values?)
  • Adjust and Advance your thoughts, feelings and actions to move toward your vision, support your goals, desires and values, and experience the joys of an inspired, fulfilled career.


HR Directors and Executives:

  • Are you frustrated that you have a succession plan and your candidates aren't yet operating at their potential?
    • Do you have a large population of aging employees with whom you'd like to partner and plan for succession, knowledge transfer and planning for their retirement lifestyles? (Most people think of financial planning for retirement. What about their emotional, spiritual and lifestyle planning?)
  • Are you worried that you don't yet have high performing middle managers ready for the positions you need to move your organization forward? 


Call (708) 792-3848 or send an email for a complimentary consultation.



  • Do you want to get to the next level? Are you frustrated that you're not yet getting the results or recognition you want?
  • Are you worried that the price of having a successful career is sacrificing a fulfilling life with your family and friends?
  • Do you sometimes feel tormented by your own inner critic that's holding you back from enjoying your success and feeling fulfilled in both your work and your life?
  • Are you plagued by self-doubts that limit living your dreams?
  • Have you planned financially for your retirement, yet have no idea what you would do with all that time on your hands?
Take the next step to reach your potential. Call (708) 792-3848 or send an email now for a complimentary discovery consultation.