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1.     ***Highly successful middle manager was highly valued for her contracts subject matter expertise supporting the sales organization, yet struggled with her peer relationships. We worked together to develop active listening skills, confidence and more succinct communication about the value of her group's work. She also embraced different communication styles to reach her audiences. As a result, instead of chasing down her peers to get their cooperation, they began seeking her input.


1.   -  ***Newly appointed department chair was on a career path for Dean of Students at a medical school, and was struggling adjusting to his leadership role, managing the very people who had mentored him in earlier years. After working together clarifying the role of a leader and what’s required in different situations, he was able to complete the transition and provide his directs with clear expectations and the guidance they needed to make the transition from being his former mentors to taking direction from him. Since then he has been given additional responsibilities for a broader role in the school.


1. ***A high level, high performing individual contributor in a legal function was struggling to make the transition to a leadership role which required delegating and developing staff reporting to her. After working together for three months, she was clear about the type of leader she wanted to be, was delegating to and developing her staff, was achieving more work-life balance, and had secured the attention and confidence of the senior leadership team to be promoted to an officer of the company.


***An investment analyst who was technically very strong and also highly introverted, was interested in expanding her influence, improving delegation and collaborating more effectively to build relationships, reputation and achieve greater results. We used assessment results, stakeholder feedback and coaching to build awareness. We aligned the development goals with her personal values to sustain the motivation needed to build these skills.  Results: The new skills increased her influence with Portfolio Managers so that buy/sell decisions were made in half the time it had previously taken to act. The speed of decisions impacted the bottom line by millions of dollars. Part of her success was due to improved delegation and development of her junior analyst, who proved to be more than capable of taking on more. In the process, this client was able to achieve greater work-life balance and began to enjoy time off with her family for the first time in many years.

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